What’s All the Hype About CBD?

We’d heard of CBD (Cannabidiol) and various claims from friends about its ability to help with pain and inflammation. But we had not really paid much attention to the places close to home that had added CBD products to their business lines until we saw a segment on the local news in February that mentioned Juice Box here in NoDa. Eyes now opened, we noticed several other NoDa businesses—including Sunshine Daydreams, NoDa Bodega, and Four Dogs Pet Supplies—were carrying CBD products. We even heard a rumor that Haberdish has a cocktail with a CBD sidecar.

This article kicks off a series on the topic of CBD as one household in NoDa checks out what’s what.

We tried Lenny Boy’s Happy Camper Kombucha on tap at The Bodega along with our delicious-as-usual sandwiches and deviled eggs. Running $10 per pint, we found it refreshing and citrusy, and if the CDB has a flavor profile, we didn’t detect it over the tangy tartness of the kombucha itself. Possible benefits suggested by the brewers on their Facebook page include stress and anxiety relief, along with a long list of other health benefits. Given that it was a first-time trial, we were not expecting a life-changing experience from one pint of a beverage. (Oh darn, looks like we’ll have to return to The Bodega for another yummy happy camper meal to continue the research!)

Four Dogs Pet Supplies has a variety of products aimed to help your furry friends get their calm on, as well as help with pain. Some of their products contain the herb valerian while others feature CBD. We decided to try CBD Edibites cookies made by the Pet Releaf brand. We observed that the packaging and website do not have wild “snake oil” claims, let alone any claims about the product, and instead focus heavily on the organic farming and testing for purity that goes into the extraction of the CBD used.

We have a younger dog in great heath and wondered if we’d see some calming effects on our sweet, energetic and adorable golden. On multiple occasions, we gave her the treats in advance of having company over. Success or failure: did it calm her down? In some cases, it seemed to work and we noticed some pretty epic naps, but it’s too early to claim victory. In another case, we felt there was no impact but this was during the monthly NoDa NBA Board meeting where perhaps we didn’t give her the treat in enough time before people arrived, or we fed it to her too close to her normal meal time. Based on some of the other products we looked at, timing with other food consumption is important. We are about halfway through the bag of cookies and will provide an update next month.

We plan to continue our research and will be checking out Juice Box, Sunshine Daydreams and Haberdish over the next month. Any adopters of CBD out there with an experience you’d like to share? Any other businesses in NoDa doing things with CBD? We’d love to learn more. Email us at robbyn@noda.org.