The Fried Rooster

You‘ve probably driven by The Fried Rooster’s unassuming location across from Food Lion at 3128 The Plaza.

Just as the name implies, this establishment’s specialty is a take on the southern staple: fried chicken. And it is cooked masterfully. These crispy, amber-hued pieces are fried to order. Expect a moist, juicy, perfectly seasoned bird served alongside the usual suspects: honey butter glazed biscuits, cornbread, gooey mac n’ cheese, mashed potatoes, green beans, coleslaw, or potato wedges.

Other menu offerings include wings tossed in your choice of one of 25 house-made sauces, sandwiches and wraps, chicken livers, salads, and a selection of fresh desserts made daily. There are even a few middle-eastern dishes, and the restaurant takes pride in their 100% halal certification.

Owner Hass Hamma plans to do middle-eastern specials on weekends, including a specialty red meat dish on Friday and a specialty chicken dish on Saturdays. “Come early, the specials go fast,” says Hamma, who is no stranger to small business and also owns Hass Electrical of Matthews, NC. He says that the restaurant has been open for about six months, but before they took over the space and completed the renovations, the property was under the management of a different business owner that unsuccessfully failed to renovate and utilize the location’s potential, ultimately leaving it unused for many months.

The Fried Rooster is an affordable lunch or dinner option to add to your rotation. The two-piece fried chicken meal served with a side and biscuit set me back a mere $7.57. Order takeout or enjoy your meal in the spacious dinning room. The staff is friendly and accommodating. Service feels personal and extends to the restaurant’s overall laid-back vibe. The interior is thoughtfully decorated and features imagery that graciously pays homage to the Scottish and African roots that birthed this deep-fried tradition. There are also plenty of TV’s to catch your favorite teams while you enjoy your meal.

This is a wonderful and welcome addition to the neighborhood that definitely merits a stop by. The Fried Rooster is open Tuesday through Saturday from 11 am to 10 pm and on Sundays from noon to 9 pm.

Editor’s Note: On Andy’s recommendation, I tried the Fried Rooster. They were offering chicken pastries for $2, and I couldn’t resist. The beautifully golden and flaky pie crust surrounded a ground chicken filling that was exotically spiced and set off with fresh peppers that gave just the right bit of heat. It was to-die-for and a good indication that the in-house desserts are legit.