The Artisan’s Palate

If you love art, coffee, food, and adult beverages, we have great news for you. All these exciting elements will be brought together into one gathering space when The Artisan’s Palate opens this month.

“My dream was to open the exact place I wanted to hang out,” says owner and executive chef, Christa Csoka. “When I moved to Charlotte in 2003, almost every building on North Davidson was an art gallery. I loved going to the gallery crawl and hanging out with everyone in the community who appreciated art and creativity. Over the years, I’ve watched most of those galleries become bars and restaurants, which are also great, but I really missed the art. So I thought, ‘Why not combine them all, for the ultimate hangout spot?’”

She found a home on 36th Street near NoDa Bodega, partnered with pastry chef Christine Alter, and her dream became a reality. The Artisan’s Palate has already opened its coffee bar, but the full space opens later this month.

It features a gallery room that will display collections from local artists–a new one every month. Each collection will launch with a special event. Christa describes these events as “immersive experiences where the food, music, and other sensory elements will complement the theme of the collection.”

Christa is known for incorporating both art and meticulous detail into her events. She’s organized several prominent pop-ups in the past few years, supporting local artists. Her event, “The Impressionist’s Palate: Art in the Garden” at McGill Rose Garden last summer, raised thousands of dollars for Brand the Moth, an arts education nonprofit.

The first gallery collection at The Artisan’s Palate will feature the work of photographer Wade Carpenter.

In addition to art and events, The Artisan’s Palate is flexing some serious chef muscle.

Christa is a graduate of the prestigious French Culinary Institute and has been a chef at several high-end restaurants in New York, Chicago, and Austin throughout her 25-year career in the industry.

Her partner Christine is the creator of Christine’s Konditorei, a NoDa Farmer’s Market favorite beloved for its traditional German desserts. Her pastries are sure to be a star of the show.

The culinary focus will be on cuisine Christa calls “rustic but refined.” The dishes are familiar and comforting, but presented in a fresh, aesthetically pleasing way. Plates will be served tapas-style, meant for sharing.

In the beverage department, expect ethically sourced coffee, a well-curated list of craft beer and unique wines, as well as artisan craft cocktails.

These can be enjoyed inside the space, surrounded by mini-murals created by local artists and industrial metal and woodwork by local craftsmen, or taken outside on the patio and enjoyed with plantlife provided by local growers. Truly living up to its name, The Artisan’s Palate features work from Charlotte artisans in every nook and cranny.

“We’re so proud we could bring together this diverse network of artisans. We all specialize in different mediums but joined up to create a single vision, and we’re giving NoDa a place to experience it firsthand,” said Christa.

You can experience it firsthand, starting in mid-to-late August at 1218-A East 36th Street. For updates on the grand opening date and more, follow us on Instagram and on Facebook.

Photo by Brian Twitty (@shootbt).