Seeds of Peace: Celebrating Our Families

Early in December, Convergence Church held its first annual Kids Celebration event. We invited all our families to join us for pizza at CiCi’s, and then went to Monkey Joes for some bouncy house fun! It was such a blast for the kids and the parents. There was good food, good conversation, and most importantly, good fun! This was an important event for our church because we truly value the moms and dads who work hard day after day to raise and care for their families, and the little ones that they have been gifted with. 

Although this is our first event of this kind, it is not an unnatural occurrence for us. If you attend a service at Convergence Church, you will hear the sounds of laughing, the chatter of little voices, and sometimes even crying. These are the sounds that make music to us, because they are the sounds of our children. We are a family integrated church, because our children are so valuable to us that we want to include them in our life as a church. Young or old, large or small, we celebrate together, learn together, grow together, and love together. It is not always the “safe” or “quiet” option, but over time it has brought a tremendous blessing to us.

The young people in our communities are our future. As they grow and develop into mature adults, they will be the workers, the entrepreneurs, the voters, perhaps even the officials who will make up the lifeblood of our communities. If we have a hope for the next generation, then we must make sure our children have that hope, and not just our children, but all the children in our community! As we join together to make that goal a reality, our churches and communities develop an even stronger bond together, a greater understanding of one another, and a mutual sense of respect. 

As a parent myself, I know we can often be bogged down by the demands of our duty. You cannot quit the parenting life, and there is no clock in or clock out for a mom or dad. Our children need us whether we want them to or not! I often see the “tired parent” face, as I stroll through the diapers section of the store, and I often have this face as well. The rewards for this are certainly worth all the stress and strain, but there are moments when a parent is in desperate need for that helping hand. 

If we care for our neighborhoods and communities, we must be that helping hand. We must welcome the families around us, supporting and encouraging them to keep up the most important work of all: not only embodying the values that give us hope for the future, but raising our children with the same values, laying down traditions that give our children a stable foundation to carry them through the uncertain days ahead. This is our best hope, and we invite you and your family to join us at Convergence Church in working towards that hope.