Reducing waste

A few of us in NoDa wrote about how we have tried to reduce our waste, and the challenges to a lower-waste life (zero waste is impossible, even by the experts). The resulting 2019-2019 series of NoDaNews articles below is about reducing waste, particularly plastics, by Nicole Peterson, Susan Plante, and Becca Bellamy. 

Getting Rid of Plastic and Waste …one habit at a time covers how to reduce waste on the go (Dec 1, 2019).

New year, less waste discusses the kitchen and how we have reduced our waste by buying less packaging, buying smartly, and replacing single-use waste with reusables (Feb 4, 2020). 

What to Do about Pesky Plastics discusses how to handle those plastics you do have – what can be recycled and how? (Nov 4, 2019)