Recognizing our NoDa Businesses

As some of you know, the NoDa Neighborhood and Business Association (NBA) did not always represent both residents and businesses. Prior to 2012, we had two separate organizations: the NoDa Neighborhood Association and the NoDa Business Association. In 2012, the two groups decided to join forces to ensure that all neighborhood interests were represented with one united voice.

This was a major step towards the maturity of the neighborhood and ensuring that we were bringing our residents and businesses together to grow as a community. Within the combined organization, the NoDa NBA board created a “Business Council” which consists of all dues-paying businesses in the neighborhood.

Each year, Business Council representation includes businesses that have been operating in and advocating for our neighborhood for decades, as well as businesses that have recently opened their doors and want to be part of the fabric of our community. The Business Council’s mission is to unite neighborhood businesses to strengthen the NoDa Business Community, continue to build NoDa’s brand as the Arts & Entertainment district, and execute common goals and interests.

This year (and for each year to come), we want to make sure our Business Council Members can show our residents and neighbors that they are supporting our community. To do this, each business that is part of our Business Council will receive the window cling shown below to put on their store front and on their website. You can also find all Business Council Members listed at

We would not be here if it were not for the support of our businesses, and we can’t thank them enough for everything that they do for NoDa!