NoDaGardenWalk returns Saturday June 11, 2022

We had such a great time in September that it was easy to decide to open up even more gardens and green areas to the public again! We hope you’ll join us on June 11. 

Here’s what we have planned so far:

  1. Starting location: NoDa Company Store, 3221 Yadkin Ave., 10am-12pm, includes the beautiful “beertanical garden” they’ve built, the NoDa GreenTeam information booth, and a few other organizations:
    1. The Bulb works to provide mostly local produce, as well as education on health and wellness, to food insecure communities. Together with local farms, gardeners, grocery stores and community organizers, we are working to create a world where fresh and nutritious food is a right and not a privilege, while seeking social justice through affordable and attainable education, art and wellness. At the NoDa Garden Walk, the team will be highlighting a new program for home growers to share their bounty with others throughout the community.
    2. Grass to habitat: Charlotte Wildlife Stewards will be here to guide you in creating, protecting, and preserving wildlife habitats in our ever growing city. With over 1500 certified habitats, Charlotte is one of the largest cities east of the Mississippi certified as a Community Wildlife Habitat by the National Wildlife Federation. Each week new wildlife habitats are being added. Is your landscape next? Stop by to pick up free materials to help you get started.

      tables with plants and people talking under tents

    3. Down To Earth Natural Wellness Pet Treats makes and sells natural oven-baked plant based pet treats for cats and dogs. They are made in small batches, preservative free and made with fresh fruits, vegetables, lean meats and fish. 
    4. 100 Gardens won’t be able to join us unfortunately. But learn more about them: Sam Fleming shows off the possibilities of aquaponics – combining water, plants, and fish (among other things) for a different approach to sustainable gardening. With projects across the county in schools and other places, he has a lot of experience and knowledge to share!
  2. Local Loaf shows off their work with the Patio Farmer. The Patio Farmer is a woman-owned business working with individuals and small businesses in the greater Charlotte area who are interested in growing food. The Patio Farmer provides Consultations, Installations, Maintenance, Subscriptions, a Weekly Delivery Route and a free weekly newsletter to ensure people have the confidence to grow food on their own. 800 E. 35th Street

    Planter with flowers and leaves coming up

  3. Little Watt Farm continues to be a central gem for the tour. Walk up the driveway at 817 E. 35th Street. 
  4.  Highland Mill Montessori has worked with TreesCharlotte and local volunteers to convert an unused grass field to a children’s educational nature trail focused on native NC forest plants and a thriving pollinator garden thick with native flowers and host plants for Monarch butterflies. Entrance on N. McDowell Street between the buildings. Tours at 10am and 12pm.
  5. Smelly Cat Coffee, Noda’s Coffee Roaster 514 E. 36th St. Cathy Tuman, owner of Smelly Cat, has enjoyed growing a variety of plants over the last 16 years from edible gardens with okra and basil to floral perennials such as peonies and dahlias.  Smelly Cat is best known for the Mammoth Sunflowers that have reached 14′ tall and varied tall Zinnias.  Every summer, two pair of goldfinches visit and make quick work of eating the zinnia and sunflower seeds.  (You can see them busy at their work if you arrive around 6 a.m.). Crocosmia has been added a couple of years ago as well as daylilies that resemble Persian Ruby. The tall Cana Lilies fell in the corner offering vibrant orange and yellow blooms.  The Rosemary is the oldest plant in the garden and helps out the Smelly Cat bakers.  They use the rosemary in our Gilroy Quiche as well as in the Rosemary Syrup used for Smelly Cat Cocktails. Smelly Cat also works with Crown Town Compost to turn many pounds of coffee grounds and eggshells into rich compost.
  6. Tree Save NoDa – meet the tree standing strong and raising awareness for Charlotte’s tree canopy. TreesCharlotte will also be at this site with some info and seedlings. next to 3314 N. Alexander Street
  7. The Haag’s front yard garden at 1124 E. 34th Street – how to replace your shallow turf with beautiful, deep rooted, and food-providing plants. The tour is now available so stop by for more info about it!

How to join the walk: Stop by any of the locations (some have specific tour times) for a map and information. The event is free and suitable for all ages.

Map link or see below (we’re trying not to print so much stuff!) 

Starting location (7): NoDa Company Store, 3221 Yadkin Ave.

  1. Smelly Cat Coffeehouse and Roastery, 514 E 36th Street
  2. NoDa Tree Save, next to 3314 N. Alexander Street
  3. Local Loaf, 800 E. 35th Street 
  4. Little Watt Farm, 817 E. 35th Street
  5. The Haag’s, 1124 E. 34th Street
  6. Highland Mill Montessori School, entrance on N. McDowell Street between the buildings, tours at 10am and 12pm

Email nodagreenteam [at] with any questions.

About the September 25, 2021 GardenWalk

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