NoDa NBA Goals & Review


2018 Accomplishments

As we look back at 2018, it is amazing to see what we accomplished:

  • Engagement: We increased overall dues-paying members to 138 residents (64% growth from 2017)!
  • Interaction: We increased average NBA meeting attendance to 70 people (up 43%), with a high of 116.
  • Safety: We launched Traffic and Pedestrian Safety Efforts to identify, prioritize, and address neighborhood concerns. We met with City Council and CDOT quarterly to manage the progress.
  • Greenification: We funded and installed eight new trashcans in the Business District to address trash problems. Additionally, we held three clean-up events. We also banded trees to preserve them from insect invasion.
  • Events: We hosted numerous free events, including: Janes’ Walk, Ghosts & Legends, Drinks & Thinks (4), KiDaWEEN, Krampus, Novant Marathon Cheer Party, and Skill Sessions.
  • Transportation: We welcomed the opening of the Light Rail and re-opening of 36th St.
  • Development: We worked with the City, Neighbors, and Developers on seven rezonings. We received positive approval alignment with the City Council. Furthermore, we used rezonings and interactions with Developers and City to encourage plans that align with our neighborhood goals. Some of those themes being green, historic preservation, safety, parking / bikes, etc.). As a result, we received promise of $30,000 for art across all projects
  • Branding / Advocacy: We grew our brand, including growing our Instagram followership by over 30%, relaunching our website ( This also included expanding distribution of 11 issues of NoDa News. This was done in an effort to build awareness of our neighborhood and support our businesses.

Goals for 2019

Looking into 2019, we have no plans to slow down and have big goals to accomplish. During the January NBA meeting, we engagement the association to hear what you would like us to focus on in 2019. Belo is what we heard:

  • Increase NBA Interaction & Engagement: We will continue to build upon the increased membership and participation of residents, including renters and businesses.
  • Improve NBA Membership Benefits / Transparency: We will improve how we explain value of membership in the organization and explore tangible business bundled membership plan.
  • Increase Brand Awareness: We will continue to increase brand awareness across Charlotte and improving our partnership with neighbors and businesses. This will help us expand the events we bring to our neighbors and visitors.
  • Work with Developers and City to Achieve NoDa Mission: We will continue to work with Developers to keep them aligned with NoDa’s Vision Plan.
  • Continue Holistic Efforts to Improve Pedestrian Safety & Traffic: We will continue to work with the City to improve pedestrian and traffic safety across the neighborhood. This includes additional stop signs, lighting, speed reductions. Additionally, it also includes addressing dangerous intersections.
  • Revamp Defunct NBA Committees: We will bring NoDaRioty, Vision, and Business Council Committees back to life and find new volunteers to help lead and support them.
  • Reestablish our Arts District Focus and Support of Artists: We will work to bring art focus back to NoDa.
  • Initiate the Process to Refresh the NoDa Vision Plan: Finally, we will begin the rewrite of our 2030 Vision Plan

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