NoDa NBA Board Election Results

Last month, the NoDa Neighborhood and Business Association (NoDa NBA) held elections for new board members. We are excited to welcome David Poland, Gavin Toth, Matt Mahoney, and Delphine Koustmer, who will officially join the board beginning in 2020!

All four new board members have shown their commitment to NoDa by serving as committee leads and volunteering for numerous events and activities over the years. They are a great addition to the team, and we are excited about what each of them brings to the board.

After years of dedication to the NoDa NBA Board, we will be saying goodbye to Robbyn Tangney, Matt Lemere, Nicole Peterson, Kevin Sutton, and Julianne Kiro, who have completed their terms. This group will leave huge shoes to fill as longterm board members that have left a lasting impact on the neighborhood. Luckily, they are not going anywhere, and we know they will stay involved as volunteers and legacy leaders in the neighborhood. Next time you see them out, buy them a beer to thank them for their years of dedication to NoDa!

Keep an eye on the board’s webpage for more details about our new board members!