Our maps allow you to find a wide variety of businesses in NoDa. Divided into categories like, Restaurants, Breweries, Housing and Active Life, you are sure to find something that matches your mood.

NEW: We now feature a detailed interactive map of the outdoor art in NoDa! This is a work in progress so please submit any details you may have such as artwork titles, creators, dates, or any corrections. Use the contact form specifically for the art map at the bottom of the page.

These maps are maintained by the NoDa Neighborhood and Business Association (NoDaNBA). You can help us keep them up to date by submitting corrections, updates, and new photos.

Map of NoDa Businesses

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NoDa Outdoor Art Map

All artists are selected by default. Help us fill in the “Unidentified” section by supplying information about the whos whats and wheres of some of the more mysterious projects in the neighborhood. If you see something new, let us know about that too!

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