Happy Fall from Four Dogs Pet Supplies

Four Dogs 6th anniversary party and holiday hours. Plus, did you know pumpkins, consumed from the can or freshly cooked with the seeds, can create a healthy addition to your cats’ and dogs’ diets?

Got Fitness Ghouls?

NoDa Freaky 5k! Saturday, October 26, 2019, 6:00pm. Begins and Ends at NoDa Company Store. $35 Registration.

10th Annual Ghosts & Legends Tour

Saturday, October 19, 6:45pm to 10:45pm. Tours Every 15 Minutes from the Corner of 36th & Davidson Streets. Free and Open to All.

Price Improvement

817 East 37th Street. As seen in the September 2019 NoDa News. Please note that the pricing for this listing was improved between the time of ad submission and the time of printing. Please note that the home is now listed at $469,000. The wonderful Realtors of PURE’s office is right down the street from…

Chicago on My Mind

Eric Linne and his wife Pam love their adopted city of Charlotte and especially our lovely neighborhood of NoDa, but occasionally they get nostalgic for their long-time home in Chicago. Eric shares highlights of that city after a recent visit.

Charlotte Trailblazer Helps Fellow Musicians Find Their Spark

In every music community, you have those who perform, others who teach, and some who advocate on behalf of performers. However, every so often, you come across someone who embodies all three roles, exemplifying what it means to take care of business. Meet Arsena Schroeder.

A Century Since the Battle of the Barn

It was the summer of 1919, and teenager Clem Wilson had started his day by attending a baseball game and getting drunk. He ended it as the catalyst of the Battle of the Barn, Charlotte’s most tragic streetcar strike.

Local Businesses Hurt by Shoplifters

A local business has taken to social media in an attempt to raise awareness of a growing problem with shoplifting that they have been experiencing.

Moving on and the Power of Change

The philosopher Heraclitus is famous for saying, “The only constant in life is that things change.” Convergence Church recently learned they would be moving to a new space in Plaza Midwood.

September TaroScope

Charlotte native Gina Spriggs has a global cult-following for her book The Intuitive Tarot Workbook and her courses. NoDa folks can visit her in the flesh! Get a reading, grab a tarot deck, or get a custom carved candle by visiting Gina (and her daughter Gianna) at Curio, Craft & Conjure at 3204 North Davidson, Suite C (upstairs).

Letter from the Editor

Working with NoDa News has connected me to this neighborhood in ways that no other job could have. I have had opportunities to interview amazing individuals who have shaped this community, to be involved in events that have helped define our values, and to support the locally owned businesses that give NoDa its unique identity.

Uncovering a NoDa Love Story

Jeff and Norma Hanson were pulling old insulation out of their attic in their Highland millhouse about four years ago when out popped a stack of 50-year-old letters. They were all postmarked August 1966.

The Artisan’s Palate

If you love art, coffee, food, and adult beverages, we have great news for you. All these exciting elements will be brought together into one gathering space when The Artisan’s Palate opens.

Let’s Bowl!

Rush Bowls brings some healthy food options, a casual vibe, great tunes, and some outside tables and chairs to NoDa.

Music Festival Gives Fresh Meaning to “New” Music

The Charlotte New Music Festival (CNMF), founded by Elizabeth Kowalski in 2011, is a two-week-long festival dedicated to showcasing Contemporary Classical music. … Over the course of two hours, it eventually dawned on me that I drove fifteen minutes to sit in my friend’s backyard to meet people from places all over the nation and the world!

NoDa in the 90s

Here are six tips for how to survive when the mercury soars into the 90s in NoDa:

House of the Rising Bun

Even though Local Loaf does wine dinners and wine tastings, it really is more of a casual community spot. “There’s no pretentiousness. This is like our home, and I think that’s part of the atmosphere. We know our customers; they know us. We want to be a place where you can celebrate your birthday with friends and don’t feel pressure to get too dolled up or act a certain way,” says owner Adam Spears.

Everyday Rhythms: Putting the “Unity” in Community

This past month our church was blessed to participate in an event known as World Changers, which sends young people to various church plants to join in ministry with them. … We expected to provide a great learning opportunity to these young people, but we were surprised by what we had to learn from them.

Ariel Perry Photography

In high school, Ariel Perry wanted to take a photography elective but couldn’t fit it in because of her graduation tract. So her first semester at Temple University, she enrolled in Photography. “And my teacher was an asshole,” she grinned. After their first class critique, he point blank told her, “I don’t think it’s for…

100 Life Connections

Just outside of NoDa, at 420 East 15th Street, is a nonprofit that is tirelessly and effectively turning lives around. In the past 16 years, Life Connections of the Carolinas has served over 3,500 youth and their families. Through innovative and comprehensive plans, they pursue their mission to “keep kids out of jail and families…

August TaroScope

Leo (Jul 23 to Aug 22) – 5 of Wands: Surprises at work may have you feeling confused, but don’t let it get you down. You’ll have more opportunities for playful creativity, just pay attention. Your knee jerk reaction to question authority may need to take a back seat this month. You can’t stick your…