Moving on and the Power of Change

The philosopher Heraclitus is famous for saying, “The only constant in life is that things change.” Change is an inevitable part of existence. Our lives are a forever-moving puzzle with some pieces joining and other pieces falling away. People get hired and fired, married and divorced; all of us are born, and one day all of us will die. We lose old friends and gain new ones. Even nature reflects this reality: with every winter all things die, and every spring they are reborn.

At Convergence Church, we faced a similar struggle as we learned our church is moving to a new space in Plaza Midwood. There was an initial sadness with the idea of leaving the place we have been worshiping together for a year. All the memories we’ve made and all of the wonderful things we’ve experienced are hard to part from. During our stay at Plaza Baptist Church, we’ve built friendships, had wonderful opportunities to serve the NoDa community, and we are so very blessed that we were given the opportunity to write for the NoDa News!

Yet one thing will always remain: No matter what happens to you, you are still you. The question is, then, who are you? What are the things that define you? Often our identity is wrapped up in things that constantly change or that fade away, and we can find ourselves changing in unhealthy ways. But when we find our identity in things that remain forever, we are establishing a place to hold onto when life becomes shaky and unpredictable.

Scripture says, “Therefore, my beloved brothers, be steadfast and immovable. Always excel in the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain.” When we find our “why” in something that gives our lives meaning and purpose, then we can be steadfast and excel in our ever-changing lives. We no longer become set back by the obstacles of life, but we can approach them with confidence, knowing that no matter what happens, it won’t change our identities.

While we are sad to leave the NoDa area, we know that we are simply moving into the next phase in which God has called us. We have a bigger space for our growing congregation, and more opportunities to love and serve our community. No matter where on the map we are, our mission continues to be the same: to love God and love others in every way we can. Thankfully, we are not too far from our wonderful NoDa friends, and I’m sure we will find plenty of excuses to be involved there as well.

To anyone who has followed along or read any of our articles, we bid you a farewell, but know that you are always welcome here at Convergence Church. If you are ever interested in joining us in serving the community or finding out more about us, please visit our website.