Monthly Costume Crawls, Starting this March!

This March starts the first of our new NoDa Costume Crawls! Playing off the success and well-loved tradition of the Gallery Crawls from bygone days, our neighborhood will be launching themed crawls this spring. The first Costume Crawl is March 14, and the theme is 70s-80s Throwback.

Many longtime NoDazens miss the old Gallery Crawls, as guests and locals alike would pop in and out of our galleries enjoying wine and art and the local street scene. While these Costume Crawls will bring a different vibe, we’re excited to be starting a new monthly tradition that’s unusual for Charlotte and keeps with the artistic funky vibe of our thriving neighborhood.

Jeff Tonidandel, who has been in NoDa for the past ten years with Crepe Cellar Kitchen & Pub says, “I’m glad to see the businesses and neighborhood working together to come up with something we can all benefit from. This kind of event fits well with our history and hopefully brings a really fun vibe to this incredibly special part of town.”

Tonidandel also owns Growlers Pourhouse, Reigning Doughnuts, and Haberdish all on the 35th block of North Davidson Street. He said their teams are working on themed features to “play” with each of the themed crawls.

Every business in NoDa is encouraged to get creative and use the event to help drive traffic to their location and to the neighborhood in general. The opportunities for social media with the costuming component of the event are expected to be far reaching.

Besides potential restaurant and bar features, the neighborhood is bringing back street vendors, street performers, and even drum circles to join in the festivities. Expect this to grow over time as the monthly event takes off.

The vision for the crawls is for visitors and locals in NoDa to be able to express themselves through costuming while having a fun, unique experience interacting in our neighborhood. The launch team is hopeful for a high-energy, enjoyable night each month where costumed individuals mix with others and everyone gets a laugh, takes some pictures, and enjoys the street scene a little more, enticing people to come back simply because we like to do things a little differently around here.

The Costume Crawls, started by the NoDa Neighborhood and Business Association, will take place on the second Thursday of each month beginning at 6:00pm. The crawls will each be themed, although it is anticipated that there will be some unexpected, liberal interpretations of the themes.

The neighborhood is asking for participants in the Crawls to avoid wearing masks for the safety of everyone in NoDa.

To help get the word out on social media, please use the hashtags #NoDaCostumeCrawl or #CostumeCrawl.

See you on the streets of NoDa, we’re excited to see your garb!

NoDa Costume Crawl Dates and Themes
every second Thursday of the month from 6:00pm until …

  • March 14: 70s-80s Throwback
  • April 11: Wedding/Prom Night
  • May 9: Heroes
  • June 13: Woodstock
  • July 11: Holidays in July
  • August 8: Toga
  • September 12: The Renaissance
  • October 10: Drag
  • November 14: Charlotte VOTE (social media vote)
  • December 12: Movies