March TaroScopes

Pisces/5 of Swords: What is it you want to say, Pisces? While you are in your feelings, back up your words with real examples to get the results you want. Take the time to think before you speak to avoid sounding harsher than intended. Then, take your sweet tooth for a treat at Popbar.

Aries/6 of Swords (R): Feeling stuck, Aries? Resurrect your energy by tapping into your inner child. Bring play into your life and you’ll soon discover renewed enthusiasm for life. Check out Rooted Rethinkery for creative ways to find inspiration.

Taurus/The Devil (R): Now is the time to resist hedonism and finish what you already started. Now is NOT the time to put anything off; in fact, you need to find balance relaxing and attending to your projects. Take the Shamanic Journeying class with Gianna at Curio, Craft & Conjure for more insight.

Gemini/Ace of Wands: Your mission, Gemini, (if you choose to accept it) is: 1. Make plans with friends. 2. Set long-term goals. Also, a new opportunity presents itself to you. Think long haul here, and make choices from that place. When done, celebrate at Haberdish with a delicious champagne cocktail!

Cancer/The Magician: New and exciting downloads around who you are give you the chance to share your talents, gifts, and skills with the world. Expect conflict and relief. Then treat yourself with the perfect gift from Ruby’s Gifts.

Leo/4 of Swords: Relief is on the way. It’s time to indulge yourself with personal healing, self-love, and luxury. And why not? You have been working your little tail off – you deserve it. Let luxury wash over you, then go back for seconds. Bartique has JUST what the doctor ordered.

Virgo/3 of Cups: The opportunity for you to express those bottled-up feelings of yours will present itself soon, Virgo. Be sure to take advantage of this time – it is good for your health! You will find that you can do this with kindness – no confrontation needed. In fact, maybe a heart-to-heart at Smelly Cat can help.

Libra/The Lovers: Healthy boundaries, clear communication, and independence are important in relationships. You may have to adjust your approach, but it will be well worth it, Libra. Need help with the boundaries? Grab some black tourmaline at Curio, Craft & Conjure.

Scorpio/8 of Pentacles: You have been working your butt off, Scorpio – keep up the great work! Progress is yours and your focus is balls-on. Be sure to reward yourself with a break with people you love. Meet a few of your most fun and favored friends at Cabo Fish Taco to catch up!

Sagittarius/7 of Cups: You may have been having trouble maintaining focus, Sag, but it’s not you – it’s the planets. This energy will shift soon. You may have to explain delays to others. Just be honest. In the future, under promise and over deliver. Have to make amends? Go to Stu’s Barrel House and check out the coolest DJ, Lee Lally.

Capricorn/The Hermit: Hey Crazy Cap, take care of yourself, will ya? You drive at a heavy, hard pace and then wonder why your body rebels. Self-care is as important as work ethic. The better you feel, the better the quality of your work. Get to the local YMCA and hit the weights.

Aquarius/Temperance: Balance is key here. Don’t be afraid to reward yourself for your accomplishments, but also recognize that focusing on play and pleasure alone will get you nowhere. Create adjustments so that you can have your cake and eat it too. Speaking of eating, have you been to Local Loaf lately?