Make your voice heard in November: Info on voting deadlines, absentee ballots, and more

Have you heard? November 2020 is going to be a BIG ELECTION! We are making important decisions on all political levels: the White House and Congressional Senate and House seats; the North Carolina governor and state legislature; county commissioners; judicial seats; register of deeds; and soil & water conservation (those last two are really keeping people up at night, let me tell you). No matter what your party affiliation – Republican, Democrat, Independent, Libertarian, or Green – you don’t want to miss your chance to cast your vote.

Request your absentee ballot now!

COVID-19 has impacted our health, our families, our economy, our education, and our social lives. For the past four months, we’ve all been spending a lot more time at home, and relying on postal carriers and delivery services for things we used to do in person. I know that right now many of us might be focused on what this means for summer vacations, July Fourth celebrations, weekends at the beach, and that yearly family reunion at Great Aunt Edna’s. (Great Aunt Edna is still learning about “the Zoom” and I, for one, do not think that virtual drinks on a virtual patio are quite the same.) But let’s not forget about that November election!

It’s hard to predict exactly how COVID-19 will impact the November election. Longer lines? Masks? Fewer open polling places? (Did you see what happened in Georgia?) Some voters might be essential workers and not able to take off work on Election Day; others might be caring for family members or have their hands full with homeschooling; and those in vulnerable populations might simply prefer to maintain safe, social distances. Have no fear, there is good news: You can avoid all of those potential problems and obstacles if you take a few simple steps right now and request your absentee ballot!

Any registered voter in North Carolina can vote using an absentee ballot – you don’t need a specific reason. And requesting your absentee ballot is easy. Go to, print out the absentee ballot request form, fill in your name, address, and a few other bits of information, sign it (very important!), and mail it in following the instructions on the form. Come October, your absentee ballot will arrive in your mailbox; you fill it out, sign it (again, very important!), and mail it back. That’s it – you’ve voted. And did you notice: You did not even have to worry about getting to the polls on Election Day (Tuesday, Nov. 3). In fact, you didn’t actually even have to leave your house. God bless America!

But wait, there’s more. Here in NoDa, we know how to vote, and we want you to vote. So guess what? If you don’t have a printer, I’m happy to get you a form – just give me your NoDa mailing address here: Don’t have an envelope? We can help you with that, too. Don’t have a stamp? We can help you with that – for 55 cents, please. (Yeah, you have to pay for the stamp; that’s a legal thing.)

Are you sitting there asking yourself, “But are there any other options?” Of course you are, and because this is America, you’ve got another option: early voting. Early voting starts Oct. 15 at specific polling places across the city and will be open to you from Oct. 15-31.

NoDa neighbors, we hope to see you (via mail or otherwise) at the polls this fall.

Register to vote or request an absentee ballot here:

Any other questions:  Ask us; we can help!

Important voting deadlines

  • Register by Oct. 9
  • Request an absentee ballot by Oct. 27
  • Early voting dates (in person): Oct. 15-31
  • Mail in your absentee ballot by Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 3