Something’s Happening Here: Local Loaf

On Friday morning, January 11, 2019, Adam Andrew Spears and Kristen Ford had their most recent dream realized as Local Loaf NoDa was officially open for business. I know, you have seen the sign, and they have been selling some things for the last year and a few months, but they have completed their renovations, added the kitchen and the hood, and are now able to sell their full menu.

The couple met about four years ago at Brixx Pizza. Kristen was working there, and Adam had come for some drinks and food and the two started talking. Kristen told him that she missed making bread and hadn’t been able to make any since she was in high school. Adam told her she could come by Local Loaf at 7th Street Market anytime to make some, and even left his number for her on the receipt. She showed up, and they had their first date. He got free labor, and she got to make some bread.

The two recently moved to NoDa and came across the opportunity to move into the old NoDa Bodega space and expand their current business. “It’s like getting three birds with one stone,” Adam said. “I get to open a restaurant in the neighborhood I live in, open a second location, and open a restaurant in a house.”

Ada, has known his staff for a long time, and he feels they work well together. He met Jay eight years ago at the Davidson Farmer’s Market and Noah (his second in command in the kitchen) about six years ago. He notes their ability to bounce ideas off each other and use each other’s creativity to create something new and different.

“If I wanted to just keep making sandwiches, I could have done that,” he explains. “I wanted to change what we had and offer other items.” Local Loaf offers some small grocery items, gravity feed dispensers with bulk items, prepared foods, Boars Head deli meats, and so much more. “I want the food to be fun, responsible, fresh, and healthy.”

Adam and Kristen are very proud of their craft beer and wine selection, and plan on adding draft lines soon. The wine selections have been carefully put together, and they are planning wine dinners in the future. They also have their on-premise license, so you can enjoy your beer and wine with your meal.

“This is our second home,” said Kristen. “If our lights are on, we are open.” They may not be able to make everything, but they want everyone to think of them as their next-door neighbors. “If you need a cup of flour, or just a small something, come ask us, we probably have it.”

Visit Local Loaf at 800 E. 35th Street.