Letter from the Editor

Mixed feelings and major decisions often go hand in hand. When I told the NoDa NBA board and my NoDa News team that I intend to retire as editor at the end of this year, I did so with excitement but also a twinge of regret, with both resolve and hesitancy, but mostly with joy, anticipation, and a sense of accomplishment.

I started writing for the NoDa News in its infancy. It was 2008, and Ada Ryland and Kristin Kelly had started the paper to help promote the neighborhood association. The newsletter was printed in black and white on 11×17 ledger paper and delivered door-to-door. I took over as managing editor in 2011 and have served in different iterations of that role ever since.

Working with NoDa News has connected me to this neighborhood in ways that no other job could have. I have had opportunities to interview amazing individuals who have shaped this community, to be involved in events that have helped define our values, and to support the locally owned businesses that give NoDa its unique identity.

Without the volunteers who step up each and every month to contribute to the production and distribution of the paper, NoDa News simply would not survive. Every month, people freely submit stories and photos for our content. Every month, sixteen of your neighbors spend over an hour delivering papers to your doorsteps and to businesses in the area. Evan Plante has provided graphic design and art direction for the paper since 2010 and makes my job that much easier. Trish Boyles, as a copyeditor, is a much needed second pair of eyes to make sure that ideas are clearly stated, words are correctly spelled, and the Oxford comma is respected. Even our printer, Mullen Publications, supports our community by providing us a discounted rate and free delivery of the printed papers to my doorstep. I also need to thank our advertisers, and I encourage you to support those businesses who faithfully support us.

For NoDa News to continue in 2020, we need someone to step in and pick up the torch. I am happy to answer questions or discuss the role further if you are interested. You can reach me by email. A job description and more details can be found on the request for proposal, and the application form can be found HERE.