Let Your Inner Artist Out at Salud

What could be more NoDa than looking at art while sipping your favorite adult beverage? How about making art while imbibing? Thanks to Salud’s Canvas, Corks, and Cervezas events on the first Wednesday of each month, now you too can be a NoDa artist.

The monthly event, hosted by local artist Vinnie Candelore (@vc2art), has been going on for almost a year now and is growing in popularity. “It started out as a resident event for Novel NoDa. Lately it has been catching fire, selling out for the last few months,” notes Vinnie.

Held in conjunction with Wine Down Wednesday at Salud, the event kicks off with a wine tasting at 6:30pm where participants get to sample and learn about five different wines. (Beer is available for those that aren’t into wine.) At 7:00pm the painting begins.

Think of a traditional paint and sip–a couple dozen people in front of canvases with a drink in hand, led through a painting by a local artist–but NoDa style. Meaning, this isn’t about everybody painting the same palm tree in front of the same sunset. To begin with, there are toothbrushes and palette knives to paint with (along with typical paint brushes), and host Vinnie encourages experimentation. Painters choose their own colors and work on a unique abstract design while Vinnie demonstrates techniques with the tools and discusses color theory.

As everyone develops their abstracts, Vinnie introduces a simple concept or silhouette that painters can add on top of the abstract, allowing it to serve as a background. Examples include a Day of the Dead style pumpkin they did for Halloween, the NoDa water tower, or the Charlotte skyline. “But,” Vinnie says, “you do not have to paint anything over your design. If you love your abstract as is, you can just keep working on that.” Unlike traditional paint and sip events, the final products all look quite different. You can find samples of art from the events scattered throughout Salud.

Vinnie is not only the host of the Canvas, Corks, and Cervezas event, he’s also the featured artist at Salud from February 15 through March 15. His show, All-Star Art Showcase, features paintings of prominent NBA players, and was intentionally timed to debut during NBA All-Star weekend in Charlotte.

Vinnie moved here from Pittsburgh in 2016 with his wife Lyndie and stumbled into NoDa looking for things to do in Charlotte. He had experience hosting paint and sip events and always wanted to put his own spin on it. After moving here, he became the events coordinator for Novel NoDa and was “looking for a way to build community and create a custom paint and sip event.” So, he reached out to Salud about doing a paint night for his residents, and Salud co-owner Dairelyn Glunt happily agreed. After the first event was held exclusively for Novel NoDa residents, the following events were opened to everyone. One year later, Novel NoDa is still the event sponsor, and the events are selling out.

Tickets cost $40 and include the canvas and all materials, as well as samples of five wines or a draft beer of your choice. Register online at vc2art.com/tickets/march. If you buy tickets the month before an event, you can get 40% off (promo code: BALLINONABUDGET). Use promo code NOVELNODA after the first of the month for $5 off.