July TaroScopes

Curio, Craft & Conjure wants to thank the NoDa community for its support during these crazy times. Our motto, Unity, Love, Life & Magick, speaks to our core beliefs. Honoring magickal traditions around the world is one of the ways we exemplify health and unity for all people.

The overarching theme in TaroScopes this month is CHOICE. Remember, we can choose our emotions and not let them rule us.

Cancer/The Sun: Life has been an emotional roller coaster for you, Cancer, and illumination is now at hand. It is time to create space for what you desire more of. Want more money? Pay your bills. Want more clothes? Clean out your closet. Want more love? Clear the cobwebs of past lovers with a spiritual bath from Curio, Craft & Conjure.

Leo/9 of Pentacles: Some weight has been lifted for you recently, and it’s now time to nurture you. Rest up before your big month, so you can look your best during “Leo Season.” Get your hair cut by Ariel at NoDa Barbers.

Virgo/The Hanged Man: Time to reframe your self-talk, Virgo. You are putting pressure on yourself and it is doing more harm than good. In fact, it is slowing you down. Go to Juice Box and grab a week’s worth of healthy smoothies to lighten your load.

Libra/Queen of Swords: Save your sanity by enlisting an emotional support posse so you can talk through some of the challenges you have been experiencing. You’ll still have to do the work but airing your thoughts may help you in unexpected ways. Take an online NoDa Yoga class to combine breath and movement.

Scorpio/The Magician: Feeling performance anxiety, Scorpio? Remember, you have all the tools you need at your disposal, and you will get the job done. You may have to tweak some things, but the outcome will be impressive. Reward yourself with a special piece from Custom Jewelry Lab.

Sagittarius/ 7 of Pentacles: It’s time to examine your life and think about what you want. Planting practical seeds now will benefit you in the future. Create a practical plan for success and then review it weekly to stay on track. Celebrate the small victories with a treat from Popbar. Your success is imminent!

Capricorn/ Knight of Swords: Avoiding conflict might be tricky now because you are part of the problem. Meet up at Protagonist and offer a drink and an apology. Release the burdens that stand in the way of your growth. Take responsibility for your part, then keep it moving. Stay in the flow.

Aquarius/Ace of Cups: A new opportunity will present itself to you this month. Don’t let anything stop you from a new, fun side project. Give yourself permission to enjoy this. The benefits might just surprise you, and it will give you something new to talk about when you meet your friends at the NoDa Company Store!

Pisces/5 of Cups: In your feelings again, Pisces? Introspection is a good thing, but don’t indulge yourself with your own opinion about what has happened in the past. Instead, review your dreams, goals, and wishes and determine if you are on track. Pick up a journal at Ruby’s Gift to stay on top of your stuff!

Aries/5 of Wands: Feeling energized, Aries? Your mind is racing with ideas. Take this renewed energy and update your exercise routine. Maybe adding a fast walk will help you work off some of that excess energy and put other things in perspective for you.

Taurus/7 of Cups: You have new choices now and, for some reason, feel like you can’t decide on the best one. If you take too long, these choices will disappear, so make a list of pros and cons, and then check in with your gut. Go to Pura Vida and take your mind off your dilemma. You might be inspired.

Gemini/2 of Swords: Your brain is working overtime! Take a timeout by visiting the cats at Mac Tabby Cat Cafe. Clear solutions will come when you stop over-thinking.