Important change for trash pickup starting in July: Yard waste is going green

We all know that some yard waste is already green, at least in color, but starting July 5, the city will no longer pick up yard waste in plastic bags. You can still use uncovered reusable containers like bins and Leaf Burritos, and can still stack larger sticks and branches in bunches, but you will need to replace the plastic bags with paper bags. You can get these paper bags at most home improvement and discount stores, and the city will have some available for free at the full-service recycling centers and the office at 1105 Otts Street.

Why is this happening? We at Greenification are really glad to see that the plastic bags are being phased out for environmental reasons – plastic is both inefficient to produce and pollutes our environment. The city of Charlotte also expects this will make the yard waste collectors’ jobs a bit easier, because there won’t be a need to cut the waste out of the bags for processing. Other cities are making this change as well, so the city expects this will increase both sustainability and efficiency.

What if I forget? The city says there will be a one-time courtesy collection of plastic-bagged waste. However, after this, you could be hit with a (minimum) $150 fine. So go ahead and make the change now.

What else can you do to reduce plastic waste? We’re glad you asked! There are many ways to reduce your plastic use, from buying low- or no-plastic packaging, keeping reusable bags in your car or bag, and asking for non-plastic plates and utensils at your favorite restaurant. Our earlier series has more ideas as well:

You can find more info on the new yard waste policy here.

Also, please join us for some Greenification planning July 15 at 7 p.m. at Artisan’s Palate on 36th Street near Plaza, and for street cleanups with the Business Committee every third Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. near the kiosk at 36th and N. Davidson. Learn more about Greenification’s efforts here.