Holiday shopping in NoDa

Where are you on the holiday stress meter? All set, presents bought and wrapped, house decorated, plans made with friends and family, and an assortment of lovely new recipes you’ve already prepared and fiddled with to suit your tastes? Or, somewhere on the other end of the spectrum with the rest of us normal folk?

Don’t forget that wrapping up your holiday shopping might be as easy as a stroll down North Davidson Street in NoDa. When all else fails, there are loads of places  restaurants, breweries and shopsto purchase a gift certificate. And the retail shopsPura Vida, Ruby’s Gifts, Custom Jewelry, Bartique, Curio Craft and Conjur, Johnny Fly, and Another Round Disc Golf will have something for everyone on your list. Even wonderful Aunt Whatdowegether. And who wouldn’t want some Sherwin Williams paint and painting doodads and thingies?

Shopping small and local is also important. Many of our NoDa merchants tightened their belts over the last five years as traffic was disrupted with the closure of 36th Street and the seemingly never ending rail construction. They endured dust, mess, noisy construction equipment and reduced parking. I call upon you as NoDa residents to rally! Forget the malls and check out the local options.