GoFundMe set up to help NoDa Yoga through challenging time

NoDa Yoga was forced to adapt quickly when COVID-19 hit, and, as is the case with so many local businesses, has faced a challenging situation in the months since. During a particularly low point, when there was talk of the studio closing, one of its teachers set up a GoFundMe. The community responded immediately, and the campaign has since raised more than $13,000 of its $20,000 goal (to donate, visit gofundme.com/f/support-noda-yoga). We checked in with co-owner Craig Rasmussen to see how things are going now, and what the studio’s plans are now that the state has moved into phase 2.5 of reopening.

How is the business doing right now, after being closed for several months?

Business is down significantly compared to last year. We did receive an EIDL grant and loan from SBA. We have been managing to keep the business operational but it has been challenging.

What gave you the push to set up a GoFundMe?

The GoFundMe was started by one of our teachers. There was a period of time where we thought we may have to close and the teacher thought reaching out to the community was worth doing.

The campaign has raised more than $13,000 so far. Are you surprised by the response you’ve gotten from the community?

We are deeply grateful, humbled and thankful by the response.

Are there other ways beyond the GoFundMe that people can help?

People can do a variety of things; we sell retail merchandise (yoga props, T-shirts, etc.) and they can purchase those items. People can talk up NoDa Yoga and spread word of our online and upcoming in-person classes. They can buy gift cards, class packages, or single class tickets, etc.

How was the transition to online classes throughout the pandemic?

The initial move online was a mad scramble. We had been considering online offerings but the shutdown order forced us to come up with something quickly. We had an initial few weeks where every day was a combination of success and learning challenges. We got to the point where we offer over 20 classes a week in a variety of styles.

Do you have any plans to resume in-person classes now that the state has moved into phase 2.5?

Yes! Week of 9/21/2020, we started offering five classes a week in-studio. We will be adding additional classes in upcoming weeks. We have been cautious in this as we want to ensure we have the appropriate protocols in place to provide the safest environment possible for students and teachers. We have implemented additional cleaning, limited class size, and installed air purifiers that trap and destroy bacteria, mold, and viruses.

Anything else you want to share with your NoDa neighbors?

We love NoDa and all our students. We appreciate this is a difficult time for everyone and are deeply thankful for the support and partnership. Our landlords have been very good to work with and the support from the community and our students has been amazing. Come join us in studio or online!