Gina the Good Witch

Holistic intuitive Gina Spriggs owns and operates Curio, Craft & Conjure, a metaphysical boutique located on North Davidson Street, in the second story of the same building as Fu’s and Pura Vida.

Gina’s life goal is helping people to create and develop their own perception, power, and purpose. One of her tools to that end is Tarot, which she describes as “a cue card to inspire your intuition to come through. Our intuition is the whisper we rarely hear due to all the noise around us … like our families, social media, television, and cell phones.” She studied Tarot for three decades and has authored books on the subject, but her breakthrough achievement came when her course, “The Art of Intuitive Tarot” on The Daily OM, really blew up, with about 20,000 people taking the master Tarologist’s instruction.

Curio honors the world’s magickal practices which, according to Gina, have traditionally been segregated due to location, race, culture, and beliefs. The shop offers ritual tools from African, American, European, Indigenous, Latin, and Neo-Pagan beliefs, inclusive of Christian iconography.

“We don’t believe in organized anything. Basically, we invite people to honor the traditions that inspire us. So it could be a little bit of Irish this, a little bit of African that, a little bit of Mexican this, and we put it together and make our own magick. So from our perspective, when you are doing this a lot, it is actually termed as ‘Hoodoo,’ because Hoodoo basically takes Earth-based traditions from people that came from all over the world to the United States—whether it was by force or by choice—and it combines those elements. For African-Americans, because we are a combination of many things, it’s a beautiful way for us to honor all of those different aspects of us. But I find that all of our customers, regardless of their race or ethnicity, appreciate the inclusiveness of it.”

At Curio, Gina offers intuitive Tarot readings to customers, as well as dozens of different Tarot decks, crystals, incense, ritual kits, and custom carved candles.

There are also shared ritual activities and classes, ranging from full moon circles and new moon circles, tarot “play dates,” and author book signings. Gina is even offering an “Enlightened Business Boot-Camp” workshop coming up on November 9 for owners of creative, healing, intuitive-type businesses.

Curio is a family business as Gina’s daughter, Gianna, is a healer with her own magickal gifts. The younger Spriggs offers clients Limpiezas, a type of shamanistic energy cleansing with origins in Central and South America. According to her mother, Gianna has been a healer ever since she was a child. “It’s just natural. So when she does her thing, she actually uses a combination of crystals and singing bowls or rattles and she’ll also burn different herbs around a person’s auric field.” The process is believed to remove dense energy and includes homework so that clients can avoid inviting dense energy back into their field.

Gina isn’t afraid of the w-word. “I love the ‘witch’ term,” she says. “A lot of people shy away from that. I am a firm believer that, looking back at history, you had women who were medicine women, who were shamans, who were healers, herbalists, midwives.… These were are all the things that women were doing. We’re talking back, back, back in the day, prior to civilization.” Eventually, the patriarchy pushed their way in “and then something happened where the women were all of a sudden banned from doing what they already did naturally. And men got paid to be doctors. That’s it. And these are natural things that we had, but those women were termed ‘witches,’ which rhymes with ‘bitches.’ And they got burned at the stake, or drowned, or just outcast from their communities.”

Gina says embracing the word is an opportunity to reclaim power and not be threatened by authority figures, analogous to rap artists’ use of the n-word. “It’s the same thing with the w-word. So it’s like, yep, I’m a witch. And for me, a witch is a powerful intelligent woman who owns her power and respects those other powerful, intelligent, gifted women in her sphere of influence and supports them. And that’s what a witch is.”

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