Get your feet on the street during annual community walk

Each year, starting on the first weekend of May, Jane’s Walk takes place in hundreds of cities across the world. The walks encourage people to get out, see neighborhoods, and discover some things they would have never noticed by car. Jane’s Walk was named for Jane Jacobs, an activist who organized grassroots efforts to protect neighborhoods.

The NoDa Neighborhood Association’s Back in the Day Committee has played an active role with Jane’s Walk for many years. Pre-COVID, the committee organized free walking tours in partnership with UNC Charlotte Urban Institute and The Charlotte History Museum. This year, the walks have gone virtual. The Back in the Day crew of Mel and Matt Allen, Emily Burns, Eric Hones, Michele and Matt Lemere, Nicole Petersen, David Spano, and Pete and Robbyn Tangney curated content, audio recordings, and photographs for a virtual NoDa Walking Tour.

You’ll find the tour on a free app called Clio, available in the app stores. Watch @nodaclt social media for details on when the tour is live (we expect that will be in the first or second week of May). You’ll also be able to find tours for other areas of Charlotte, as well as other cities. All free-free-free!