February TaroScopes

Pisces/7 of Cups: Clarity is your word of the month. Get clear on your needs and desires, so you can create a practical plan to accomplish them. You have all the time you need to make your realistic dreams come true! Check out NoDa Yoga if you want to get your mind and body in sync!

Aries/5 of Wands: The spiritual purpose of competition is to rise above complacency. That said, you are only competing with yourself and you are sure to win! Reward yourself as you make progress – why not treat yourself and your home to a Brazilian Agate Scented Candle from Curio, Craft & Conjure?

Taurus/8 of Wands: This year, expect to be motivated to be productive. The force is with you, Taurus, and you’ll experience quick results. Take advantage of this time. Apply yourself an inch, and you will make miles of progress. Get a talisman from Custom Jewelry to inspire you.

Gemini/6 of Swords: There is something (or someone) pushing your buttons that seems inescapable! Grab an evil eye bracelet from Pura Vida. Then, spend time learning something new. Keep that beautiful brain busy…

Cancer/2 of Pentacles: Even if you do love how you make your living, make space for play. Your opportunity this month is to recognize that you need (and can have) balance between work and life. Chill out with a friend at Local Loaf. Bring joy into your life!

Leo/The Devil: It’s time to release something in your life so you can accomplish something you long for. Do something that feels decadent to get inspired. Invite decadence to be the new normal. Leo guys, head over to NoDa Barbers and Leo ladies, head over to Orange Olive and get a beautiful new you “do.”

Virgo/5 of Swords: You believe an apology is in order and you may be right. Replaying this situation over and over in your head leads to nothing, but helpful energy is on the way. Be willing to communicate, and that means talk AND listen. Maybe a Hop Drop at Growlers Pourhouse is just what you need. While you are there, tell Ryan Gina said, “Hello.”

Libra/Temperance: Libra, you are either balanced or crazy – there is no third option. And you may even feel a little pissy reading this because you are leaning towards crazy these days. Treat yourself to something that will brighten your spirits. Then treat someone else – this little magickal tip will restore your balance. Maybe a trip over to Mac Tabby Cat Café will kill two birds with one stone.

Scorpio/4 of Cups: Now is not the time for you to keep your eyes wide shut, Scorpio! Give yourself permission to stay awake and aware. Then watch your circumstances change for the better! A vanilla breve latte from Smelly Cat will help you keep your eyes open!

Sagittarius/8 of Cups: It’s time to move away from what (or who) you know you’ve outgrown. This doesn’t mean you get to run around hurting people’s feelings; just slide into the sunset. In fact, maybe a sunset tattoo from Fu’s Custom Tattoo is just the reminder you need.

Capricorn/The Sun: With Jupiter, the planet of expansion, in Capricorn most of the year, you can almost feel all the ways you can increase productivity. Slow your roll. Be sure to move in the direction of your dreams, not the dreams of other people. Grab a beer at the NoDa Company Store and clear your head.

Aquarius/The Star: There will be new light shed in your relationships and finances. Journal your thoughts, ideas, and revelations for clarity, before having in-depth conversations. This will make it easier for you to be crystal clear. Don’t have a journal? See Mary at Ruby’s Gift. She’ll hook you up.

Charlotte native Gina Spriggs has a global cult following for her book The Intuitive Tarot Workbook and her courses “The Art of Intuitive Tarot” and “The Secrets of Tarot Cards for Creating Abundance” on DailyOM. NoDa folks can visit her in the flesh! Get a reading, grab a tarot deck, or get a custom carved candle by visiting Gina (and her daughter Gianna) at Curio, Craft & Conjure at 3204 North Davidson, Suite C (upstairs).