Everyday Rhythms: Work Hard Play Hard

When was the last time you felt truly relaxed? Or had a moment of pure playfulness? Rest and play are crucial to a healthy lifestyle, and summer is the perfect season for recreation. The animals have come out of their hidey-holes, the plants are in full bloom, and even kids are out of school. It is the season for trips to the park, beach vacations, and much more! Life still has its demands, though: the bills, the house repairs, the paperwork, etc., are all still crying out to be taken care of. We all are capable of stumbling into the habit of overworking ourselves, and even spending our times of relaxation worrying about the work that needs to be done.

Our family at Convergence Church is no exception. As our gatherings ebb and flow with families going and coming for vacation, there are many who are also feeling the weight of the business of life bearing down on us. We tend to lose out on the joy and peace that recreation was intended to give us. Scripture says that “on the seventh day God finished his work that he had done, and he rested on the seventh day from all his work that he had done.” If even God rested from His work, perhaps that should tell us something. Rest and play is not only a physical activity but a spiritual one. It involves releasing, if only for a second, the cares of this world to the providence of God, and living peacefully in the enjoyment of the moment.

We recently had a “Church Workday” at Plaza Baptist, in which we were able to do some cleaning and maintenance of the grounds of the church where we meet. After almost half a day of spreading mulch under the sweltering summer sun, we were exhausted. Yet in the midst of the sweaty labor, there was a playfulness we enjoyed the entire time in each other’s company, which made the work that much easier to endure.

As a church family, we are blessed with the opportunity to help lift the burdens of life for one another to remind us that we can rest in faith that it will all work out and just enjoy life as it comes. It can take many different forms: a birthday party, an event at the park for the NoDa community, sometimes just a BBQ for a local neighborhood. These are all opportunities to live out the mission of God; the work we have been called to is a work we can take up joyfully, not with coldness and rigidity, but with hope and faith!

We are lucky to be a part of the NoDa community, where there is no shortage of fun places to go and things to do (and if you ever run out of ideas, you can click the Calendar link at the top of this page) . Make it a point to brighten someone else’s day, and invite them to do something fun. Help them to re-create the passion in their life by stepping away to some good food and good company. These seemingly small things can have a huge impact on someone’s life.