Everyday Rhythms: Streams of Blessing

Every person has a moment in their lives in which they have been blessed. Sometimes it’s a deep and urgent need that arises and someone comes to the rescue. Sometimes it’s a very subtle word of encouragement that changes someone’s whole outlook. Sometimes it’s a family member or friend, and sometimes it’s a complete stranger. In every case, it is something that caused us to pause and be thankful for the kindness and generosity of others.

What we sometimes forget is that blessings are not like cups, but they are like streams; they come to us not so that we can keep them for ourselves, but so that we can bless others. This is why the Bible tells us, “It is better to give than receive.” It is not only good for us, it is a part of our purpose to take what we’ve been given, whether in the form of our time, our talents, or even our material goods, and seek to use those to bless those who are not as fortunate as us.

One particular family at Convergence Church has been a tremendous testimony of this truth. The Lowrys found an apartment community in which a large percentage of the residents are refugees, of whom many are impoverished, uneducated, and in many ways neglected. The Lowry family looked at what they had—well-paying jobs, a home to live in, plenty of food to eat—and they decided that they wanted to be a blessing to this community. So, they moved in.

A year or so later, this family has been consistently blessing this community, and many others have joined in to help. From food and clothing, to tutoring help for the children who struggle with the English language, countless people have experienced goodness and generosity in the midst of an often troubled way of life. We recently had a baptism service for three young men from this neighborhood whose family had fled the Congo because of the conflicts there. Now they are committed to share the blessings they have received with all those around them!

Not everyone has to have the same story as the Lowrys. We all have different blessings we can share with others. We must be willing to look at how we can show others the kindness and generosity we have been shown ourselves. Imagine a community filled with blessings of all shapes and sizes. Imagine a city in which every person gives and receives a blessing. I don’t think this world is as far away as we may think.

If you are interested in blessing others in the NoDa community, or specifically in helping the Lowry family in their ministry to the refugee community, we invite you to join us at Convergence Church (www.convergencechurchnc.com).