Everyday Rhythms: Eating with Purpose

Last week we enjoyed our regular potluck meal at Convergence Church. Everyone brings something–from soups and pastas to drinks and desserts–and then we sit and enjoy food and fellowship. With the kids playing and adults sharing stories, it can get pretty crazy and loud! Observing this chaotic scene, one might be tempted to ask, “Why do we share this meal together?”

In our church, we seek to put our focus and attention on the things which connect us to the community. These are things everyone does, no matter who they are or what their station is in life, that help form the pattern of a culture. When we become intentional about those things, we open doors for our church to meet people wherever they are and build bridges with them, welcoming them to a new way of life and love through the things they are familiar with.

One of those rhythms is eating. It is something that we all do, so it gives us all something in common. Of course we have to eat to survive, but it is also a way that we celebrate. Every event, from birthdays and holidays to baby showers and weddings, has some form of food to enjoy. “Festivity” and “feasting” both come from the same root word! Since the dawn of time, food has given us not only sustenance to live, but also a deep bond with family, friends, and cultures, providing us a safe place to share our lives with one another.

So often, however, we find ourselves eating alone … myself included. Families are more prone these days to eat on TV trays than at the dinner table, and many meals are eaten in the car rushing from one place to another. We isolate ourselves in our eating, often without even considering its impact on our social, or even emotional, health.

This is why, at Convergence Church, we see food as an opportunity to bring communities together. Three weeks out of the month we stay after service for a fellowship meal. It might be a noisy and disorderly scene to an outsider, but when you sit down and join in, you immediately begin to feel the benefit. We are also blessed to volunteer at a homeless ministry that provides a meal along with some speaking and singing. We see many people leave with full stomachs, but after the conversation, prayer, and encouragement they receive, it is such a beautiful sight to watch some of them go with full hearts.

In Scripture we are told, “So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.” We are striving every day to live this out and make every meal count as an opportunity to reach out to the world and offer it some hope, love, and faith. If you share the same desires, we invite you to join us at Convergence Church. We would be glad to have you eat or volunteer with us.