Curio’s Crystal Count-down to Christmas

If you are looking for something cool to give as a gift this season, Curio Craft & Conjure has your back!

Our favorite choices include our Quantum Conjure Course for only $47! (Save $50 during the month of December, with Promo Code QUANTUM). You will easily learn to create your own kind of magick with this at-your-pace 8 lesson course. Go to

We also created our very own Magickal-Advent Calendar: Crystal Count-Down to Christmas.

We offer our dreamy, shimmering countdown, bursting with twinkling gifts. Each day opens to a NEW crystal delight. Inside each bag is a crystal fortune along with information that helps you develop a relationship with your new crystal-friend.

Each Advent box also includes a crystal grid and three Crystal-Magick exercises. No two Crystal Advent boxes are the same and each is packaged in its own unique re-usable cigar box. It is the perfect gift to give yourself or any of your crystal-lovin’ friends. ($75)

Come hang out with Curio this holiday. We’ll help you bring in the new year with Magick!