Price Improvement

817 East 37th Street. As seen in the September 2019 NoDa News. Please note that the pricing for this listing was improved between the time of ad submission and the time of printing. Please note that the home is now listed at $469,000. The wonderful Realtors of PURE’s office is right down the street from…

Chicago on My Mind

Eric Linne and his wife Pam love their adopted city of Charlotte and especially our lovely neighborhood of NoDa, but occasionally they get nostalgic for their long-time home in Chicago. Eric shares highlights of that city after a recent visit.

Charlotte Trailblazer Helps Fellow Musicians Find Their Spark

In every music community, you have those who perform, others who teach, and some who advocate on behalf of performers. However, every so often, you come across someone who embodies all three roles, exemplifying what it means to take care of business. Meet Arsena Schroeder.

A Century Since the Battle of the Barn

It was the summer of 1919, and teenager Clem Wilson had started his day by attending a baseball game and getting drunk. He ended it as the catalyst of the Battle of the Barn, Charlotte’s most tragic streetcar strike.

Local Businesses Hurt by Shoplifters

A local business has taken to social media in an attempt to raise awareness of a growing problem with shoplifting that they have been experiencing.

Moving on and the Power of Change

The philosopher Heraclitus is famous for saying, “The only constant in life is that things change.” Convergence Church recently learned they would be moving to a new space in Plaza Midwood.

September TaroScope

Charlotte native Gina Spriggs has a global cult-following for her book The Intuitive Tarot Workbook and her courses. NoDa folks can visit her in the flesh! Get a reading, grab a tarot deck, or get a custom carved candle by visiting Gina (and her daughter Gianna) at Curio, Craft & Conjure at 3204 North Davidson, Suite C (upstairs).

Letter from the Editor

Working with NoDa News has connected me to this neighborhood in ways that no other job could have. I have had opportunities to interview amazing individuals who have shaped this community, to be involved in events that have helped define our values, and to support the locally owned businesses that give NoDa its unique identity.