NoDa Makes Charlotte History

Neighbors secure easements through Preservation NC to protect three mill houses in NoDa from ever being torn down and win Historic Preservation Awards.

A Century Since the Battle of the Barn

It was the summer of 1919, and teenager Clem Wilson had started his day by attending a baseball game and getting drunk. He ended it as the catalyst of the Battle of the Barn, Charlotte’s most tragic streetcar strike.

Uncovering a NoDa Love Story

Jeff and Norma Hanson were pulling old insulation out of their attic in their Highland millhouse about four years ago when out popped a stack of 50-year-old letters. They were all postmarked August 1966.

NoDa in the 90s

Here are six tips for how to survive when the mercury soars into the 90s in NoDa:

The Pastry Shop

There was a time when NoDa’s hot commodities were porn … and pastries. While much has been said about Neighborhood Theatre’s interesting past as The Astor, a XXX porn theater (“Park in Rear” stated the marquee), just a few steps down the sidewalk was The Pastry Shop. It was a bakery that drew loyal customers…

An Avenue for the Ages

For the majority of NoDa residents, the name Guy E. Suddreth may mean nothing. But if you live on the 28206 side, you know that Ritch and Benard Avenues have a little brother. That little brother is Guy E. Suddreth Avenue: a street so short that it has no houses on it and dead ends…

NoDa Drinks and Thinks with our Historic Rosedale Neighbor

join us on March 28 at 6:00pm at the Evening Muse for a lively discussion about community history and engagement. We hope this experience will encourage you to visit the famous Historic Rosedale site and explore its connections to NoDa.

Back in the Day with Sanctuary

There are plenty of great places to grab a drink in NoDa, and new places are opening up regularly, but for many NoDazens, you just can’t beat the old stalwart that is Sanctuary Pub. Sanctuary isn’t a place to chase down the newest fad in craft beers or rare wines, but it can’t be beat…