No Uncertainty with L.A. Maybe

The L.A. Maybe is a 5-piece rock band. I saw their electrifying performance at Amos’ Southen on 8/30/19. Check out their self-titled EP releasing October 19.

Charlotte Trailblazer Helps Fellow Musicians Find Their Spark

In every music community, you have those who perform, others who teach, and some who advocate on behalf of performers. However, every so often, you come across someone who embodies all three roles, exemplifying what it means to take care of business. Meet Arsena Schroeder.

Music Festival Gives Fresh Meaning to “New” Music

The Charlotte New Music Festival (CNMF), founded by Elizabeth Kowalski in 2011, is a two-week-long festival dedicated to showcasing Contemporary Classical music. … Over the course of two hours, it eventually dawned on me that I drove fifteen minutes to sit in my friend’s backyard to meet people from places all over the nation and the world!