Courage to close Crepe Cellar

In April 2009, at the very low point of the recession, a new restaurant opened its doors in the nearly-burgeoning neighborhood of NoDa.

Making Supperland

After building our businesses in NoDa for the past 12 years, Jeff and I are excited to be branching out to the Plaza Midwood neighborhood.

The Artisan’s Palate

If you love art, coffee, food, and adult beverages, we have great news for you. All these exciting elements will be brought together into one gathering space when The Artisan’s Palate opens.

Let’s Bowl!

Rush Bowls brings some healthy food options, a casual vibe, great tunes, and some outside tables and chairs to NoDa.

House of the Rising Bun

Even though Local Loaf does wine dinners and wine tastings, it really is more of a casual community spot. “There’s no pretentiousness. This is like our home, and I think that’s part of the atmosphere. We know our customers; they know us. We want to be a place where you can celebrate your birthday with friends and don’t feel pressure to get too dolled up or act a certain way,” says owner Adam Spears.

The 3rd Annual Homegrown Tomato Festival

Supporting Local Non-Profit: 100 Gardens Ah, July – the month of increased air conditioning bills, sun burns, and getting marred by rouge fireworks. Yet, we forget about those small inconveniences because July brings us homegrown tomatoes. Homegrown Tomato (noun): A delectable, vine-ripened fruit grown with love and sacrifice. This species can be consumed alone or…

The Fried Rooster

You‘ve probably driven by The Fried Rooster’s unassuming location across from Food Lion at 3128 The Plaza. Just as the name implies, this establishment’s specialty is a take on the southern staple: fried chicken. And it is cooked masterfully. These crispy, amber-hued pieces are fried to order. Expect a moist, juicy, perfectly seasoned bird served…

Let Your Inner Artist Out at Salud

Think of a traditional paint and sip–a couple dozen people in front of canvases with a drink in hand, led through a painting by a local artist–but NoDa style….

Something’s Happening Here: Local Loaf

On Friday morning, January 11, 2019, Adam Andrew Spears and Kristen Ford had their most recent dream realized as Local Loaf NoDa was officially open for business. I know, you have seen the sign, and they have been selling some things for the last year and a few months, but they have completed their renovations,…

Cheers to Beer and Pizza

Archaeologists are split on whether humankind first used to grain to make bread and then used the leftover to make fermented beverages, or if we first figured out how to make beer and then used the leftovers to make flatbreads. Whatever the case might have been millennia ago, we should be thankful that beer and…