Optimist Park Market

If you have lived in or around the area for any significant amount of time, you are familiar with that famously quiet stretch of land in Optimist Park between Uptown and NoDa. Between high-speed Parkwood Avenue and desolate North Brevard Street, it is typically used as a cut-through for drivers on their way to NoDa….

Charlotte Art League: an introduction

The Charlotte Art League, Charlotte’s oldest nonprofit art gallery, reopened in NoDa North at 4100 Raleigh Street in October 2018. Charlotte Art League, or “CAL” as its members refer to it, is the anchor tenant at the Station House, a mixed-use development campus located at the Sugar Creek Lynx Light Rail stop. The Station House…

Let Your Inner Artist Out at Salud

Think of a traditional paint and sip–a couple dozen people in front of canvases with a drink in hand, led through a painting by a local artist–but NoDa style….

Take a Walk. Take in Art.

NoDa.org has a new look. You may have wondered why. Well, it’s a long story, full of international sabotage, backdoor exploitation, and frustrating email correspondence that I’m not going to tell here, but it has a happy ending. “In fall 2018, the site was hacked and we decided to just start from scratch,” recalls Nicole…