New business blends art and nightlife

NoDa’s latest addition to the art scene still opened its doors in the midst of a pandemic, bringing together all of Charlotte for a community art space.


Find out all you need to know for the 2019 NoDa Krampus Krawl (December 7).

Courtney Salton: Charlotte Art League Spotlight

When viewing Salton’s oil paintings, you are struck by large, ambitious canvases covered with bold, confident brushstrokes, thick textures, and a rich use and juxtaposition of colors. Salton’s style has been described as “aggressive impressionism.”

Carl Childs: Charlotte Art League Spotlight

Carl Childs is both a Master Leather Craftsman and a fine artist who uses both traditional and non-traditional materials (like chocolate!) to create his unique award-winning work.

The Artisan’s Palate

If you love art, coffee, food, and adult beverages, we have great news for you. All these exciting elements will be brought together into one gathering space when The Artisan’s Palate opens.

Ariel Perry Photography

In high school, Ariel Perry wanted to take a photography elective but couldn’t fit it in because of her graduation tract. So her first semester at Temple University, she enrolled in Photography. “And my teacher was an asshole,” she grinned. After their first class critique, he point blank told her, “I don’t think it’s for…

Drawn From Life: C.M.Wells

C.M. Wells (@cmwells_art), co-founder of the National Association of Collaborative Artists, is one of the many artists calling the new NoDa location of the Charlotte Art League home. The young artist works in several traditional art media: charcoal, sanguine (reddish-brown chalk), oil-paint, and clay. Wells calls her style Representational Realism, which she explains as “sort…

Bloom is Back to Bring Fringe Dance and Performance Arts

Dance, fire, circus arts, and more at this year’s Bloom: Return to Roots Satarah Productions is excited to announce that its annual cultural festival Bloom will be back for its seventh year. Performance artists from across the United States and Canada will once again come together with local performers to share their art and passion…

Marie Walker and the Gift of Art

Can NoDa be the arts district without galleries? If NoDa is Charlotte’s arts district, then where are all the artists? You only have to scratch the surface to find creativity and freedom of expression alive and well here, and Marie Walker is a gateway to the flourishing local arts culture just beneath the obvious. She…