Cankerworms and Street CleanUps

What’s going on with the cankerworms and tree banding?

The good news is that cankerworm (aka inchworm) numbers in Charlotte are very low. This is in part due to a natural cycle, but it also means that there’s less need to band trees this fall. We still expect to see some cankerworms this year, so if you’re interested in banding your own trees, we have some leftover supplies from last year. Please email us if interested.

However, instead of applying for funds to band trees this fall, we’ve asked the City of Charlotte to support an arborist to assess the older trees in the NoDa neighborhood, with a focus on North Davidson and 36th Street. If we receive the grant, they’ll give us a sense of which trees need some TLC or more professional work, and we’ll share that information with the landowners.

This means that we won’t need volunteers for tree banding, but we would love for you to join us for our Street Cleanups this month on October 12 and October 26, as well as the Ghosts and Legends (October 19) and Freaky 5K (October 26) events for which we’re cleaning the streets. Both cleanups are Saturdays, from 10 am to noon, meeting at Smelly Cat. NoDa’s Greenification committee will provide garbage bags, gloves, and grabbers, as well as a beer afterward. Email Greenfication with questions, or just come join us!