Matt Mahoney


Position: President, NoDa News Liaison, NoDaWeen

Bio: Matthew was raised in Mobile, AL, attended college in Nashville, and worked in book publishing in New York City before moving to Charlotte in 2011. He and his wife Catherine moved onto Holt St in 2016, and had daughter Maggie in 2018. Matt was interested in serving on the NBA Board to give back and become an involved neighbor. In his quickly-diminishing free time, Matt enjoys mountain biking, good movies and books, and checking out new eateries around Charlotte. 

Hometown:  Mobile, AL

Elected Date: 2020

Dave Poland

Vice President

Position: Business Committee Liaison

Bio: My wife, Kiersten, and I moved to Charlotte in February 2016 and came straight to the neighborhood. Originally from West Virginia, we immediately fell in love with the small-town feel of NoDa that made it seem like home. Several years later, we’re still here raising a small farm of chickens on Yadkin! I am currently the Community Manager of Industrious – NoDa and passionate about both the history and direction of the neighborhood. I’m always happy to have a beer and talk about the past, present, or future… and listen to jam bands.

Hometown:  Martinsburg, WV

Elected Date: 2020

Matt Betzel


Position: Treasurer, IT Support

Bio: I’m a native Charlottean. I’ve lived in NoDa for about 5 years after moving back to the area from Washington, DC. My wife, Lindsay, and my daughters, Margot and Stella, and I enjoy the people, parks, pizza, and coffee in the neighborhood.

Hometown: Charlotte

Elected Date: 2022


Gavin Toth


Position: Secretary, Business Committee Liaison

Bio: I originally moved to Charlotte in May of 2012 and immediately started hanging out at Salud, and that’s where my love for NoDa began. Over the years I have been able to watch NoDa grow and reshape, while still keeping its distinctive character.
I come from a long background in the restaurant industry, so when my friends, Ben and Scott, approached me about helping to open a brewery in NoDa, I was instantly in!
NoDa was our first choice for the location of the brewery because we love the sense of community within this area, as well as the artistic direction the neighborhood has kept. Beer is art, in fact.
Although I don’t live in NoDa, I definitely spend the majority of my time in the neighborhood, mostly at Divine Barrel now, but I try to make the rounds!
My wife and I welcomed a son in January 2020, so another NoDa fan is here!
I joined the board in 2019, and I am really excited to continue to help keep NoDa awesome!
Hometown: Southport, NC
Elected Date: 2020

2022 Board Members

Delphine Koustmer

Position: Welcome Committee, Crime & Safety Liaison, NoDaRioty Liaison

Bio: I’ve lived in NoDa three years. I’m a bartender and a server. I love to meet new people, try different craft beers, and occasionally do a jig.

Hometown: Cincinnati, OH
Elected Date:  2020

PA Rowe

Position: Welcome Committee

Bio: I moved to Charlotte in January of 2020. Even though I love to travel, I’ve always had North Carolina as my home.  I grew up in Hickory, went to college in Boone, and then worked for eight years in Winston-Salem before moving to Charlotte.

In my free time I enjoy checking out our local restaurants and breweries, cooking new recipes, exploring technology and new trends, listening to live music, and running off to the North Carolina mountains, which are my happy place. I’m eager to get back to traveling once it’s safe to do so again. If you see me around the neighborhood please say hey – I’d love to meet you!

Hometown: Hickory, NC
Elected Date:  2022

Chad Maupin

Position: Rezoning

Bio: I have lived in NoDa since 1999, when I moved to Charlotte after living in other parts of North Carolina for most of my life. I bought and renovated the tiny mill house behind The Mercury, at the corner of Mercury and North Alexander. I did the work myself on nights and weekends, so it took a while. I did not have a working bathroom for six months, so I had to join the Johnston YMCA for, um, personal needs and hygiene. A few years later, my newlywed wife Jessica and I then moved to 35th to renovate a bigger house for a family. I have worked in various fields of construction and construction manufacturing for the past 20 years. I have a teenage daughter, Eleanor. For the most part, I am a family guy with a pretty normal, boring life. But I love our life in NoDa.

Hometown: Raleigh, NC
Elected Date: 2022

Krysten Reilly

Position: Greenification Committee

Bio: I moved to Charlotte (specifically NoDa) in the summer of 2020 from Portland, Maine where I was working as the General Manager of a seaside hotel and restaurant. My husband received a teaching position at UNC Charlotte and so we moved down for his career without knowing much about Charlotte. Knowing our personalities, a close friend of ours who has lived in Charlotte for longer, suggested that we move to NoDa and we could not be happier here! We love being able to walk everywhere, we love the historic nature of the neighborhood, the art culture that you can experience everywhere you go, and of course all of the breweries (we’re craft beer people).

In my spare time, I also run with my husband, NoDa Tree Save (@nodatreesave), an advocacy campaign focused on educating and highlighting tree save importance and concerns in the neighborhood and throughout Charlotte. I also am a “small time” artist (@below.the.trees) and so you may see my work at TAC Gallery or around various artisan markets around the city.

Hometown: Fairfield, CT
Elected Date:  2022 (Interim)


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