On the Back Porch of NoDa

“We’re a neighborhood hangout,” Joey Hewell explains about NoDa Company Store. “We jokingly called it ‘the back porch of NoDa.'”

Gina the Good Witch

Meet Gina Spriggs, owner of Curio, Craft and Conjure magick shop in NoDa, as well as a holistic intuitive/tarologist/witch.

House of the Rising Bun

Even though Local Loaf does wine dinners and wine tastings, it really is more of a casual community spot. “There’s no pretentiousness. This is like our home, and I think that’s part of the atmosphere. We know our customers; they know us. We want to be a place where you can celebrate your birthday with friends and don’t feel pressure to get too dolled up or act a certain way,” says owner Adam Spears.

Drawn From Life: C.M.Wells

C.M. Wells (@cmwells_art), co-founder of the National Association of Collaborative Artists, is one of the many artists calling the new NoDa location of the Charlotte Art League home. The young artist works in several traditional art media: charcoal, sanguine (reddish-brown chalk), oil-paint, and clay. Wells calls her style Representational Realism, which she explains as “sort…

Brew Boldly

Bold Missy founder, Carol Waggener is about to celebrate the second anniversary of an incredible entrepreneurial journey. Waggener’s relationship with beer began in Saint Louis with behemoth brewer Anheuser-Busch. “Even though they are the ‘Evil Empire,’ I learned a lot from them, especially as regards quality and relationships.” Then about five years ago, while working…