A Century Since the Battle of the Barn

It was the summer of 1919, and teenager Clem Wilson had started his day by attending a baseball game and getting drunk. He ended it as the catalyst of the Battle of the Barn, Charlotte’s most tragic streetcar strike.

Uncovering a NoDa Love Story

Jeff and Norma Hanson were pulling old insulation out of their attic in their Highland millhouse about four years ago when out popped a stack of 50-year-old letters. They were all postmarked August 1966.

The Pastry Shop

There was a time when NoDa’s hot commodities were porn … and pastries. While much has been said about Neighborhood Theatre’s interesting past as The Astor, a XXX porn theater (“Park in Rear” stated the marquee), just a few steps down the sidewalk was The Pastry Shop. It was a bakery that drew loyal customers…