Coyotes on the Rise

Sightings of coyotes and other wild animals become an increasingly common experience, especially in the 28206, “the other side of the tracks” in NoDa.

Chicago on My Mind

Eric Linne and his wife Pam love their adopted city of Charlotte and especially our lovely neighborhood of NoDa, but occasionally they get nostalgic for their long-time home in Chicago. Eric shares highlights of that city after a recent visit.

An Avenue for the Ages

For the majority of NoDa residents, the name Guy E. Suddreth may mean nothing. But if you live on the 28206 side, you know that Ritch and Benard Avenues have a little brother. That little brother is Guy E. Suddreth Avenue: a street so short that it has no houses on it and dead ends…

The End of the Great Divide

For the past five or so years, we’ve been hunkering down on the other side of the great divide. Don’t get me wrong, we haven’t been sitting inside our houses feeling sorry for ourselves (well maybe a little). We’ve been getting to know everything that the 28206 has to offer. Like the Compare grocery, two…