August 2020 TaroScopes

The overarching theme in TaroScopes this month is REVIEW. We are all being called to review our lives to determine where and what kind of changes we would like to see. Special tip: Read your Rising Sign if you know it, for deeper insight.

Leo/3 of Pentacles: Being uniquely you is important, Leo. Now is the time for you to do just that. If you feel that you are compromising who you are and what you do for the sake of acceptance, look into the whys of that. Maybe what and who you surround yourself with needs to be reevaluated. Hang out at NoDa Company Store and meet some new cool folks!

Virgo/Ace of Wands: It’s time for you to enjoy things that stimulate your mind, Virgo. Lately you have found yourself redoing things that should have been a wrap a long time ago. Stop, create time for a mental escape, and then figure out what’s next in your game of life. Check out what’s new at NoDa’s YMCA!

Libra/4 of Swords: Your life may feel so overwhelming that you just want to curl up with your blankey and take a nap. Retreat for a moment. What you accomplish now is important, so find a way to express yourself creatively so you can enjoy a productive and satisfying release. Hang out with the cats at Mac Tabby Cat Café to take your mind off life.

Scorpio/Judgement (R): You want to move forward, but the past keeps rearing its ugly head. Where do you need to get closure and why? Determine how you can do this so you can move boldly where your heart has never been before. A spiritual bath from Curio, Craft & Conjure may be the answer to your unspoken prayers.

Sagittarius/8 of Swords: Is your inner critic beating you up lately? Creating new habits, like meditation, yoga or walking, can help you not only quiet your mind but also hear what your spirit has to tell you. It sure beats lashing out at everyone around you. Think before you speak. Imagine that whatever you are telling others is really a message for yourself. Think about replacing your beer with a healthy drink from Juice Box.

Capricorn/4 of Wands: This month, you are the sign that is all caught up! Things are going SO well for you, but you may feel like you are missing something. The only thing you are missing is the opportunity to enjoy your life. Reconnect with friends over brunch at Local Loaf – remember what living loud is all about!

Aquarius/9 of Pentacles: It’s time for you to take a look at yourself to determine if your current image is authentic to how you live your life. This includes your website if you have one, business cards, clothes, hair, etc. You know, your total look! If you need a hair update, go to NoDa Barbers or Orange Olive – they are the best in the hood!

Pisces/8 of Pentacles: Don’t just dream about better days ahead; create them. Organize your outer world to create inner peace. This will be the best use of your time and your creative energy. Start documenting your plan of action. A cool journal from Ruby’s Gift might inspire you.

Aries/8 of Wands: While everyone around you seems stuck, YOU are keepin’ it movin’. Keep up the great work – there will time to rest soon enough. Accomplish as much as you can while you can, before your ability to get things done is interrupted. You’ll be glad you did. Grab a cup of coffee from Reigning Doughnuts to help keep you movin’!

Taurus/The Chariot: Don’t start coasting now, Taurus! The only way to be confident that you will reach your goal is by taking nothing for granted. Keep moving in the direction of your dreams, and reward yourself when you get there with something special from Custom Jewelry Lab.

Gemini/3 of Wands: You have been able to move out of your head (finally!) and into your heart. You now have wonderful ideas coming from this place and you are ready to implement them. Why not recruit your most industrious friends to help turn these dreams into reality? Get global inspiration (without a passport) with a visit to Pura Vida.

Cancer/Queen of Wands: It’s time you start to examine how you value yourself, Cancer. It is possible for you to put yourself first without appearing selfish. It is also essential for your personal growth. Be gentle with yourself and others now while you move through this phase. Remember, how anyone feels about you being self-full is none of your business.