#askingforme – Fail in originality

So here’s the thing. I haven’t received any questions.

What I had hoped or envisioned for this column was a space for open inquiry and dialogue to explore our individual and collective narratives. The ones that inform, sometimes inhibit, our growth and progress as humans, as a community, and a culture.

I hoped to create an opportunity for thought-provoking conversation that could serve as a barometer of the zeitgeist. My intention was to create a forum where we can share and own our subjective reality and awaken to the power and virtue in imperfection.

I have my own personal journey with vulnerability and bravery. I have my own process of changing narratives that I create for myself from (past) experiences that do not fit or serve me.

I have had to learn to show up, be present, speak my truth without shame or blame, and let go of the outcome. Most of all, I have had to learn that courtesy counts on the inside too.

For me, life is about developing a relationship with emotional complexity and a tolerance for failure and being wrong. With that, my friends, I say “it’s better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation.” (Herman Melville)

 If you would like to continue the conversation, I am open to your inquiries. Regardless, I invite you to ask questions of yourself and each other, listen, share your perspective, and be kind to yourself and one another.