A beer for a neighborhood icon

“Too blessed to be stressed” was a personal motto for Scott Brooks, a beloved and bright beacon of our tight-knit community. Now it will be a motto and a beer; a beer that will unite a neighborhood, support a family, and benefit a local charity.

The helles-style lager is currently underway at NoDa Brewing Company. It will be served there, as well as at other breweries not far from Brooks’ Sandwich House, a Charlotte landmark which Scott endearingly ran and owned with his brother, David.

Look for “Too blessed to be stressed” on tap at these breweries beginning Feb. 29: Birdsong Brewing, Bold Missy Brewery, Divine Barrel Brewing, Free Range Brewing, Heist Brewery, NoDa Brewing, Pilot Brewing, Protagonist Beer, Resident Culture Brewing, Salud Beer Shop, and Wooden Robot Brewery. 

Each brewery will donate the beer’s sales to Habitat for Humanity.

Together, we invite you to raise a glass with us as we toast Scott, his special family and friends, and Brooks’ Sandwich House.