6 tips to increase your intuition

I’m not your typical psychic.

I don’t spend every waking hour in meditation or wear patchouli or long, flowing skirts. In fact, I don’t own any skirts. I mostly wear leggings. And crystals. I LOVE my crystals.

And I swear a lot.

I’m a successful intuitpreneur. I own Curio, Craft & Conjure, a metaphysical store right here in NoDa. I’ve also spent the past 10 years mentoring people who want to develop their intuition and helping them make a living doing that.

As you can imagine, I do things…differently.

Most likely, you’re a lot like me. That doesn’t mean you’re an intuitpreneur, or that you wear leggings and crystals and swear all the time (but maybe you are, and maybe you do!). It means your mind works differently than those of most people you know. It means you’re tired of the usual “how to be spiritual” stuff. It means you get a little pissy when people are predictable and inauthentic.

I believe your intuition is your unique brand of power.

Why be part of the crowd? Be you. Be different.

You and me? We are a lot alike. And in this article, I’ll share six tips to increase your intuition.

Intuition is a gift everyone has, but no two people share the same gift.

You are energetically designed to succeed, but only when you honor your truth. Your gifts are part of that truth. Knowing and using them will help you matter in the world in the way only you can.

There is a quantum understanding that everything is informed vibration, or information that moves. We live in a sea of energy (or informed vibration):
The energy of your environment
Other people’s energy
Animals’ energy
Crystals’ energy

It stands to reason that you want to identify your energy, which includes your physical feelings, your emotional feelings, and your mental thoughts.

Because, as quiet as it’s kept, we assume everything we’re feeling or thinking belongs to us. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Tip 1: Take inventory.

This establishes your baseline, which helps you note the energetic differences you experience throughout your day. And boy, will you know the difference! This helps you know what energy is yours and what isn’t.

How it’s done:

Sit with your eyes closed. Feel into your body. What do you physically feel (Does your back hurt? Do you have a headache? Are you hungry?)? Note what you feel without judgment.

Next, focus on how you feel emotionally (Happy? Anxious? Frustrated? No judgment!).

What are you thinking about (Your day ahead? The asshole that cut you off when you drove home?)? Again, no judgment. Just know your baseline.

Tip 2: Know your natural intuitive type.

You are intuitive in the same way you learn. Are you a visual learner? You are clairvoyant. Like audio books? You are clair-audient, meaning you commune with the unseen. Do you learn by doing? You are a physical intuitive, meaning you easily feel what others are feeling, whether it is physical or emotional.

Tip 3: Eat clean.

What does food have to do with it? A LOT!

Our chakras, auric field, and energy fields help us regulate, manage, maintain, and store fast- and slow-moving information.

Intuitive information is considered fast moving, because it moves faster than the speed of light. Slow-moving information is the stuff we can see, hear, and touch, including food.

Gluten requires much of our natural energetic resources to process and eliminate it. If our energy systems are processing gluten, they cannot process the faster, finer (intuitive) information that is around us.

Tip 4: Eat cleaner.

Avoid processed foods, pesticides, and chemicals, and stick to organic foods and products as much as possible.

You want to keep your pituitary gland in top shape, as it houses the third eye, which is the home of our intuitive abilities.

Tip 5: Notice what you notice.

A friend shared this story with me, and it’s the perfect example of why you should follow this tip.

Upon entering her garage, a gasoline container caught her eye. Thinking nothing of it, she got into her car. As she backed out of her garage, her eyes again rested on the gasoline container. She clicked the remote to close the garage and drove away.

On the highway, she ran out of gas. That was when she realized why her eyes kept resting on the gasoline container! Her husband, who last used the car, left the gas on E.

Tip 6: Ohm your way home.

There is a little-referred-to chakra called the “talu” chakra (aka the Lalana chakra) that is closely associated with the throat chakra and brain. It is often referred to as the chakra that supports enlightenment. (This tip has more to do with manifesting than intuition, FYI. I figured a side order of a dream realized is not a bad thing!)

I read somewhere that when you Ohm with the emphasis on the m, the vibration activates this chakra. So I Ohm-ed while holding my God Box, which holds many pieces of paper with my desires written on them. I never looked at the papers; I just held the box and Ohm-ed.

Months later, I opened my God Box and saw that many of my dreams were fulfilled: a new car, a new patio, a fire pit, and a new refrigerator (and the list goes on!). I’m still amazed by this!

So try incorporating Ohm-ing for 30 days, while thinking of your goals realized.

If you like this information and want more, find my (free!) 41-page e-book, “10 Tips to Increase Your Intuition,” on the free stuff tab at GinaSpriggs.Guru. It offers four more tips with action steps to support you.