Matt Lemere


Position: Board Member
Hometown: Walhalla, SC
Elected: 2011

I first met NoDa in college, which was too many years ago to admit. I drove up with friends to see Joe Jack Talcum from the Dead Milkmen play at Fat City Deli. It was one of the strangest shows I'd ever seen. A performance artist was the opening act, and I distinctly remember a hot pink tutu.  At the end of her act she smashed her face into a birthday cake. I loved it and felt an indescribable vibe about the neighborhood that made me want to return.  Years later, my wife Michele and I were desperate to find a home to rescue us from the plasticity of Charlotte. We saw a house in NoDa that looked pretty cool from the outside. Even better, it was within easy walking distance to the downtown bars. We walked the neighborhood and stopped into Solstice for a beer and to discuss our options. I took a long sip of beer, looked around and knew I was home. It was the best decision we ever made. We still love being here and currently share our abode with our two cats, Salinger and Chewy.

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