Lauren Schalburg

laurenPosition: Treasurer
Hometown: Warrenton, Virginia
Elected: March 2008

My husband Erik and I moved into our old NoDa millhome in May 2006. NoDa fits our life: we work/volunteer from home, walk to restaurants and bars but don't have to drive home, have intelligent (and idiotic) conversations with neighbors, diy house projects (and disasters), garden, and raise chickens, 2 dogs, 1 one-eyed cat, and 1 two-eyed cat. We've seen NoDa change a lot just in the past few years, but it always retains that certain je ne sais quoi that keeps us falling in love with it and calling it home. I love that the people here genuinely accept all the diverse styles NoDa represents. Ultimately, as a Board member, I am passionate about encouraging a cutting-edge funky street scene AND a Mayberry-safe community…. and beer.

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