Kimberly D'Unger


Position:  Secretary
Hometown:  Pocatello, Idaho
Elected: March 2015

I have always had a love for the arts and dreamed of being an artist spending many hours of my childhood in music, sketch, dance, and pottery lessons. Despite all the practice I never excelled past amateur status and have since realized that my grand talent is to admire those that are truly artistic. My wonderful husband, Dan, shares that admiration and overall artsy, hippie, colorful nature with me. Although our careers are as corporate engineers our heart and soul will always belong to the arts, so when work relocated us to Charlotte in June 2012 we knew immediately that we wanted to live and play in NoDa. We love that our neighbors have yard art, chicken coops, and dragon murals, and that no one batted an eye when we painted our front door bright Clemson orange before moving even a single piece of furniture in. Our addiction to NoDa was completely solidified on our first Saturday morning in our old mill home - we were greeted at 9:00am with a mimosa bar and a rock band playing “Eye of the Tiger” in the neighbors’ front yard!  We have a passion for local food and beer, and you'll often find us meandering the streets with our two black labs, Harper & Bowser. There truly is no place like NoDa and I am proud to be a part of it.

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