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Art Expo

Monday, February 26, 2018, 02:00am - 10:00am
by AnonymousHits : 1763

Hello, My name is Andre Gould. I am a representative for Gerney Productions. During this upcoming CIAA weekend we are organizing and EXPO that will include fashion, Job and intern sign up for the local college students and hopefully each member of your district. We are only asking for one of two monetary fees. Our plan is to donate 20% of each booth to donate towards their Elevation Ekidz program. We are also offering the option to pay a booth rental feel in place of the 20% donation. Each participating establishment will be allowed to auction/sale any merchandise brought to the event. We hope to work with your organization. Our website is 

On our site we will be offering advertisement placement on our main screen. This holds major value because the only ticket purchasing option to ANY and ALL of our upcoming CIAA events that we will be hosting, is through our website. Our Site views increase each day, as we continue to build and transform our work. We ask for a helping hand into bringing a new event filled theme to the University area. Contracts are established and dates are set. The event is will be held Friday        Feb, 26th 2016 starting at 5pm. This date holds value because it allows Students, Adults and families the time enjoy fellowship after a stressful and extended work with as anticipation builds. 

The key is economical ticket pricing. People of all age would like to be involved in doing something during this explosive weekend. I.E. Gaurdians will now have an event to take their children to enjoy them selves, like a circus atmosphere. That then leads to Adults taking kids home as we plan to provide food vendors which helps with family expenses when including feeding their children before going out or not haiving time to grab food. It provides an all out access for every need. 

College students who may not be able to afford higher priced events will have an artistical, fashionable yet educational experience. College students with friends, or on a date can also enjoy a brand new event that cost affordable leaving room for extra spending. Our Prodcution company has organized an entire weekend event that includes each participating member of the event. Participating companies are granted free entrance into any other Gerney sponsored event for the weekend. If you have took a moment to read this I look forward to hearing from your organization as we open sign-up and advertising options starting Monday Feb. !st, 2016

Location : Elevation Church University Campus
Contact : Gerney Productions


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